Clifsters Celebrate Decades of Making a Difference

Looking forward to our 30th anniversary in 2022 gives us a chance to celebrate some of the incredible people who make Clif a wonderful place to work. Meet six Clifsters who have helped grow our Five Aspirations business for two decades.

Clif Bar has acted as a higher education institution and an extended family. I’ve made friendships that have spanned my getting married, the birth of our son, and seeing him off to college. It’s hard to overstate the impact this place, and this group of people, has had on my life, and I’m eternally grateful.

Tom Richardson

Research and Development, 25 years

For me, working at Clif has meant being a part of something that has a greater ability to do good. Building houses for displaced musicians in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, I felt that amazing Clif energy for the first time.

Tom Venegas

MarComms, 18 years

Of all the stellar opportunities I’ve gained at Clif (sabbaticals, volunteering, the first-time home buyer benefit), my absolute favorite is the people….I met my best friend here, and we traveled the country together working, laughing, crying (mostly me), and loving every minute of it.

Blue Ash

Sales, 25 years

One of my favorite memories is when the Clif band hosted a 20-year anniversary party at the Natural Products Expo. At the end, security shut us down by pulling the power. The crowd was not ready to stop so they closed out the party with an a cappella round of happy birthday.

Chelseah Joachim

Sales, 26 years

From my first day, it was apparent that I had landed in a special place that included warm, friendly people—and dogs—that allowed me to be myself. From company meetings and Epiphany rides to assisting with the biophilic design of our new office space, Clif allowed me to be a part of some iconic moments.

Kate Cunniff

Human Resources, 25 years

Clif Bar has inspired me to actively pursue and experience so many adventures. From being part of building the Twin Falls bakery and purchasing Indy, to helping make Clif Bar employee owned. It even inspired a 35-mile trail run on the Lost Coast with fellow Clifsters.

Cristen Lunt

Finance, 21 years